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7 Signs your Feminine Energy is Blocked!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

In today’s masculine-dominant society, it is a bigger challenge to nurture our feminine energy. For thousands of years, feminine energy has been repressed. We are continuously taught that in order to survive, thrive, and succeed in life, we have to ignore our intuition, our emotions, and our connections to the cycles of life. We are taught it’s better to be strong than show vulnerability, it is best to think with our minds than our hearts and favorable to constantly do than just be.

Because of these biased conditions, we have fallen out of our feminine energy. So, now, as a result, We have to proactively and intentionally cultivate, nurture and heal our repressed feminine energy.

In order to get in touch with the repressed feminine energy, we first need to understand what this energy is and if we are indeed out of balance with it.

We have a great read about “What Feminine energy is”. Once you understand what this energy is all about, you can look inwards to see if you are in fact out of balance with it.

Here are 7 signs that you need to reconnect with your Feminine Energy.

1. You feel uncomfortable when you are not doing anything.

You constantly have the need to pack your schedule, make back-to-back plans for yourself, unable to sit alone with yourself and your own thoughts.

2. You are disconnected from nature.

You don’t crave outdoor activities, don’t have any plants in your living space, and rarely go outside in nature

3. You lead your life with logic more than intuition.

When making life decisions, career decisions, or relationship decisions you always have a checklist of items and rarely factor in your feelings or what would actually make you happy.

4. You are not comfortable receiving gifts, compliments, or asking for help.

When receiving gifts or compliments you get very uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond back. You feel like asking for help is putting a burden on someone else and always need to do things yourself.

5. You feel guilty for doing things just for pleasure.

You do not enjoy leisurely activities and feel unproductive.

6. You have difficulty showing emotions.

When you are upset or watching a sad movie you have difficulty crying or feel ashamed to cry in front of other people. You get uncomfortable around other people who express their emotions. If you feel joy, happiness, or love, you can’t verbalize those emotions and hold them back.

7. You don't think you have a creative side.

You believe you are not a good cook, don’t enjoy dancing, or doing any creative activity.

If you go through this list and most of the items resonate with you - that’s okay. Chances are most women (and men) will find most items in this list to be an accurate representation of their current energy states. Once you acknowledge that your energies are not in balance, there are many easy exercises you can implement into your day-to-day to start healing and rebalancing yourself. To get more insights you can check out our 7 Day Feminine Energy Challenge or reserve your spot in one of our upcoming 4 Day Bond with Your Feminine Energy retreats.

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So needed in my life! I feel out of touch with my femininity mainly due to my work in a male-dominated industry. My goal this year is to get back in touch with my feminine side.

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