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Terms & Conditions

1. Booking

(a) Your booking is not considered definite and no contract will exist until bondU Retreat receives a deposit or full payment from you and you agree to these terms and conditions.

(b) bondU Retreat does not share customer details with any 3rd parties nor does bondU Retreat store any payment details.

2. Payment 

(a) The price is the exact amount to be received by us in USD or CAD (as specified).

(b) The full payment amount is due 90 days before the start date of the retreat via credit card or Paypal - a link will be provided for payment.

(c) In case, bondU Retreat does not receive the full payment 90 days prior to the start date of the retreat, bondU Retreat will cancel your booking. In this case, the deposit remains non-refundable.


3. Travel & Transportation

(a) All travel arrangements are your responsibility and at your own cost. bondU Retreat shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel. 

(b) Transfers to and from the retreat are at your own cost.


4. Coronavirus

(a) The following Coronavirus guidance and restrictions are in place at this accommodation, in accordance with the current location's national and local Government guidance.  

(b) If you are travelling from abroad, it is your responsibility to check the travel advice of your home country. During your stay, you must comply with the national corona measures. If you have any of the symptoms stated in the government guidance, bondU Retreat requires you to stay at home.

(c) Should you have any symptoms during your stay, bondU Retreat obliges you to report this as soon as possible and go into self-isolation. You will have to pay for the medical costs. 

(d) bondU Retreat is in no way responsible for any infectious diseases you may contract. 

5. Travel Insurance

(a) Travel insurance is highly recommended. If you choose to buy insurance bondU Retreat requires that your travel insurance covers the activity of this retreat and unexpected cancellation, sickness, losses, and all the usual risks. You should bring the policy with you in case of an emergency.


6. Health

(a) It is your responsibility to consult a doctor with an understanding of yoga to confirm that you are in good health to practice yoga and other activities offered by bondU Retreat. It is your responsibility to check with your doctor that you are fit and capable of performing the activities bondU Retreat offers.

(b) bondU Retreat is not responsible for any illness, injuries, or psychological conditions that you may have nor for any possible risks, illness, injuries, or psychological conditions that you may develop.

(c) You agree that all activities offered by bondU Retreat are undertaken at your own risk.

(d) bondU Retreat and the involved parties, such as your Yoga Instructor, are not liable for any injuries you may incur. Yoga classes are undertaken at your own risk. bondU Retreat is not liable for any medical or psychiatric conditions, which may develop during or subsequent to the retreat. bondU Retreat is not liable for loss of, or damage to, your personal property.

(e) It is your responsibility to let your Yoga Instructor know if you have any injuries and to be mindful at all times of your own body’s capability during the retreat. If you experience any injury or discomfort during any activity during the retreat, then you must desist immediately.

(f) Please advise bondU Retreat instructors of any mental or physical health conditions and dietary requirements before you book. If you have health conditions and dietary requirements that may be affected by the activities offered on our retreats, we reserve the right to advise you to desist and in the interests of your wellbeing, or others, wet may decline your stay at our retreats.

(g) Whilst all measures are taken to ensure a high standard of health and safety, the land might be uneven and bondU Retreat shall not be responsible for any injuries caused by uneven terrain.

(h) Women who are 12 to 28 weeks pregnant should provide a letter from their health practitioner specifying that they are fit to travel and able to engage in the activities that bondU Retreat provides. They should hand over the letter to their Yoga Instructor. bondU Retreat would prefer pregnant women to have done already yoga before they arrive.

(i) bondU Retreat is not responsible for any injury from using our facilities including the outdoor spaces and the pool. You are attending the retreat and using the facilities at your own risk.


7. Age

(a) Age restrictions vary based on the retreat type and event. All specifications will be indicated within the specific event or retreat page.


8. Food & Drink

(a) bondU Retreat’s kitchen is vegetarian. If you have a serious dietary allergy you must provide bondU Retreat with a note from your doctor or health practitioner stating the severity of your condition and the nature of any reaction that would occur if you consumed any ingredient to which you are intolerant. Prior to booking, you will inform bondU Retreat about your dietary needs.

(b) You are responsible for your own dietary health, and you must bring any

personal medication with you.

(c) If bondU Retreat cannot cater to your needs, bondU Retreat may at our discretion, refuse your booking for your own health and safety.

(d) bondU Retreat is not responsible for adverse reactions to ingredients that you consume.

(e) Drugs, smoking and alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

(f) You are not allowed to use the kitchen on your own. Meat or fish are not allowed on the premises.


9. Mobile Phones and WiFi Devices

(a) Retreats are designed for people to be quiet and reflective. Please be discrete when talking on your phone.

(b) Listening to music on headphones is okay, but please monitor the volume of your device so that it will not be audible to other guests.

(c) Mobile phones and other WiFi devices should not be used in communal areas e.g. at the dining table, around the pool, or during group activities. 

(d) In order to maintain guest privacy and confidentiality, photos and videos of your fellow guests may not be taken, stored, or shared digitally, unless permission has been sought and approved.


10. Cancellation by you 

(a) You may cancel your booking 60 days before the start of the retreat. Otherwise, you must pay the full retreat price. Each retreat has its own cancellation policy stated on the retreat page.

(b) Deposits are non-refundable.

(c) Bookings are for the stated period of the retreat. There are no refunds for any unused portion of the retreat. If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of your Insurance Policy, you may be able to make a claim on your insurance.


11. Amendments by us

(a) Occasionally, changes may have to be made (e.g., yoga teacher, class times, or other arrangements), which bondU Retreat reserves the right to do at any time. If a significant change becomes necessary, bondU Retreat will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your departure.

(b) bondU Retreat reserves the right to alter the accommodation that you have booked, bondU Retreat shall try to give you a similar value accommodation to what you have paid.

(c) bondU Retreat reserves the right to alter the yoga activity (such as changing the yoga instructor or consolidating the class due to the teacher’s absence, low/high numbers of guests, or bad weather) or circumstances beyond bondU Retreat’s control require it to do so.

12. Cancellation by us

(a) bondU Retreat reserves the right in any circumstances to cancel a retreat. In particular, our retreats require a minimum number of at least 80% of the guests to have booked by 30 days before the start date. If this minimum number is not reached by that date bondU Retreat may cancel and refund the money to you.

(b) bondU Retreat reserves the right to cancel a booking, in case bondU Retreat thinks the retreat is not suitable for the individual. In this case, the individual will receive a full refund. 

13. Liability

(a) bondU Retreat does not accept any liability for cancellations, delays, or changes caused by war, the threat of war, terrorist actions or threats, closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems to transport, staff cancellations, unforeseen changes in your personal circumstances or other events beyond bondU Retreat’s control.

(b) bondU Retreat reserves the right to adjust the program proposed as it sees necessary to deliver the best possible experience it can. 

14. Assumption of risk

(a) You acknowledge that you have voluntarily enrolled to participate in the bondU Retreat programs. 

(b) You agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability, and assumption of risks. On behalf of yourself, your heirs, executors, successors, administrators, and any other person who may have an interest at common law or by operation of statute, you hereby waive any and all claims you or such parties may have now or in the future. 

(c) You release from liability bondU Retreat and any employees, guides, agents, or representatives for any personal injury, death, property damage, or loss of any nature suffered by you as a result of participation in any activity.

(d) By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined here you hereby release and discharge your rights and claims for damages or liabilities that may occur as a result of the participation in bondU Retreat activities.

15. Security and valuables

(a) You shall take proper care and use of the bondU Retreat’s provided accommodation, equipment and facilities and shall reimburse bondU Retreat for any loss breakage, or damage occasioned by the improper or negligent use thereof prior to departure.

(b) You may not without the prior consent of bondU Retreat remove or attempt to remove from the premises any property whatsoever belongings to bondU Retreat. You shall be liable for and reimburse bondU Retreat for any loss arising as a result thereof. 

(c) bondU Retreat reserves the right to charge you the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises by them without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing items, including any carriage charges.

(d) bondU Retreat reserves the right to charge you the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent, or reckless act of you to the property. Should this damage come to light after you have departed, bondU Retreat reserve the right to send you an invoice for the amount to the registered address. bondU Retreat will, however, make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to the contracting specialist making the repairs and, therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that you would incur to a minimum.

(e) bondU Retreat cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage howsoever occasioned to your personal property possessions or valuables, and it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover in respect of your personal property.

(f) It is your responsibility to ensure that your possessions are kept safe at all times. This includes hired cars or other hired equipment.

16. Complaints

(a) If you have a problem during the retreat, please inform us immediately. Please note that bondU Retreat cannot be responsible for the individual behavior of any group member or other guest sharing your accommodation.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Law, and the parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the country's court, where the retreat is being hosted, in all matters regarding them.

By booking a spot at one of our retreats you confirm that you are of full legal age and have read and fully understand the terms of this release.

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