What is Feminine Energy?

Updated: Feb 16

Feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy and refers to certain characteristics that we each embody.

When we talk about feminine or masculine energies, it is important to understand that these terms are not tied to gender. All of us embody these energies, some more feminine and some masculine.

Both energies are helpful for us and should be in sync and balanced.

Femininity is all about being - being in the flow and in motion of life.

The feminine energy is best expressed with creativity, dance, play, and connectivity to nature around us.

In contrast, masculine energy is the energy of doing instead of being. It gets best expressed when you work towards a goal, get things done, and push through. As these characteristics are often defined as the most important strengths in the corporate world, many people are predominantly in their masculine energy.

There are different ways to open yourself up to your feminine side and awaken the feminine energy within you.

1. Activate your intuition

Feminine energy allows you to tap into your intuition. To nurture and activate it, try going inwards more often. Start journaling and reflecting on your day-to-day life and the decision you are taking. Are you listening to your gut or only following your logic? There is an immense power within you that wants to guide you to follow your heart.

2. Connect with nature

Reconnect and spend time in nature on a regular basis. Try to be present wherever you are, in the forest, your garden, or the nearby park. Listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air and observe the beauty of the flowers and trees. You will feel more relaxed and in tune with yourself.

3. Get creative

The feminine energy is all about creation. Tap into your creativity and write, dance, paint, or cook. It is all about expressing your flow and awakening the feminine within you.