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Who is the Authentic Self and How Can I Meet her?

To rebond with your authentic self is to peel away layers and layers of societal and experiential conditioning that you put on through the years of your life - it is to remember who you really are.

Who is the Authentic Self?

The term Authentic Self was first coined by psychologist Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “authenticity is derived from the natural self, whereas inauthenticity is a result of external influences.

He argued that personal authenticity is diminished by the need for the esteem of others in societies characterized by hierarchy, inequality, and interdependence.

How can I reconnect with my Authentic Self?

To live authentically is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. However, it is not something that you can achieve overnight. It requires commitment, perseverance, patience and lots of self-love. Psychologist Kenon Sheldon describes authentic behavior as behavior that we have freely chosen and which allows us to express who we are. In other words, authentic people act in ways that reflect their values and identity.

To start off, here are is an exercise to help you kick-start your journey back to your authentic self:

What you will need for this exercise:

  • 20 - 30 mins of undistracted time

  • A quiet place in your home

  • A notebook and a pen/pencil

  • We also recommend setting an ambiance with a candle, incense, and calming music

What are your top 3 core values?

Our values will change throughout our life and that is okay - and for this exact reason, it is good for us to sit down and re-evaluate our values every now and then.

At this very moment, what are your top 3 values in life? When thinking about these values ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers in a notebook:

  1. Why is this value important to me?

  2. Where do the origins of this value come from?

    1. Is this a value that comes from within me or comes from an external influence?

    2. Is this a value that was put in place because of a fear of negative consequences?

  3. When was the last time I put this value to action?

    1. What was the situation?

    2. How did I behave?

    3. What were the results?

  4. Think back to a time when I was unable to adhere to this value?

    1. What was the situation?

    2. How did I behave?

    3. Why did I behave in this manner?

*Repeat the 4 steps for each of your top 3 values.

Our “true” core values are an important part of who we are. If you are able to successfully identify your true values from values you’ve adopted from external influences, you are one step closer to meeting your authentic self.

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