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All You Need to Know About Retreats

What does a retreat mean?


​​/rəˈtrēt/ The literal meaning of “retreat” is an act of moving back or withdrawing. But, a more fun way to interpret it can also be as re-treating oneself. What is a retreat?

Regardless of the definition, you choose, a retreat is a place where you are given the opportunity to step away from your day-to-day, disconnect and go inwards to reflect and renew your life. It’s a time you spent for yourself, to be with yourself, and to rediscover yourself.

What types of retreats are out there?

Retreats are becoming more and more popular by the day and there is a wide range of them available for you to pick from. Here is a list of some of the most popular themes.

  • Personal growth

  • Spiritual

  • Coaching

  • Art

  • Digital Nomad

  • Yoga

  • Detoxing

  • Weight loss

  • And much more…

There are also various formats of retreats:

  • Group

  • Couples

  • Female/Male only

  • Day retreats/Weekly retreats/Monthly retreats

  • Private

  • Hosted

  • Corporate

  • And many more…

Things to consider when picking a retreat

  • The location

  • Timing of the retreat

  • Format of the retreat

  • Type of the retreat

  • Group size

  • Your budget

  • What activities does the retreat offer

  • Type of food

  • Solo or with friends

What are bondU retreats all about?

Many retreats focus on yoga, meditation, or spiritual practices solely. At bondU we create holistic experiences where we welcome participants on a spiritual and healing journey to themselves. We design unique formats and activities where we create an open space for everyone.

Our retreats not only allow you to recharge and detox from daily life but also have fun with a group of like-minded people, under the sun, and at the beach.

Benefits of attending our retreats

In today’s world, we are constantly plugged in and on the go. It is more favorable to be busy, with a long to-do list, than to just be. As a result, most of us are burnt out, disconnected from ourselves, and our surroundings.

There are many benefits to attending our retreats, and the great news is most are long-term.

  • Stepping away from your day-to-day routine

  • Meeting like-minded people who may become lifelong friends

  • Implementing mindfulness practices into your life

  • Having time to reflect away from distractions

  • Spending time going inwards to rebond with yourself

  • Getting guidance from professionals in an intimate setting

  • Receiving group support from your fellow retreat attendees

  • Having the chance to be playful and creative

  • And many more…

Our next retreats focus on reconnecting with the feminine energy within us. At the Bond with your Feminine Energy Retreat, there will be a wide range of activities to allow you to get in touch with your feminine superpowers - from painting, yoga, breathwork, dance, and more.

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