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Affirmations for Beginners

Our mind is a powerful tool that can change and heal our bodies. The placebo effect is a prime example of this magic at work. Except that it is not so much magic, rather than actual science behind it. We all have the power to change and alter our subconscious just by our thoughts and our words.

To affirm is simply to say something positive. So, affirmations are sentences and statements that are positive and aim to change your beliefs at the conscious and subconscious levels.

If you have never used affirmations before, don’t worry, through this journal entry, we will go over the importance of affirmations, the benefits of using them (and there are a lot of benefits), how to easily implement affirmations in your day-to-day, and an example of a few easy affirmations you can use starting today.

What are affirmations?

In today’s world and society, we are constantly being judged, compared to, and exposed to an overload of information, whether on the news, social media or etc.

It is no wonder our minds are always overthinking and confused - constantly trying to adapt in an effort to fit in.

Unfortunately, it is easy for the mind to get trapped in this toxic cycle and lose its identity with false beliefs about the self and its surrounding. Affirmations are a powerful tool to counteract these beliefs and slowly heal the self, the mind, and the body. Not only are they powerful, but they are free, easy to use, and accessible to everyone.

Here is a list of a few benefits you will gain from implementing affirmations as part of your mindful day-to-day practice.

  1. Change your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

  2. Counteract false and self-limiting beliefs.

  3. Create and boost confidence.

  4. Increase overall happiness.

  5. Create an optimistic mindset.

  6. Reduce and manage stress.

  7. Reduce and manage anxiety.

  8. Help you to stay on top of your goals.

  9. Encourage you to take action.

Implementing affirmations into your day-to-day is quite easy.

To start off pick 1-2 affirmations that resonate with you at this moment in your life.

Which areas of your life do you think you are struggling with the most? Pick something short and easy to remember and recite.

Once you pick your affirmation statements, write them down on a piece of paper and tape the paper to your bathroom mirror, your closet door, or your fridge door. As long as it is in a spot visible to you.

Try saying the affirmations out loud at least a few times a day. Always use the present tense when saying your affirmations. Eventually, this will become second nature to you.

Here is a list of 7 easy affirmations to start you off.

  1. I am enough.

  2. I am loved.

  3. I wake up motivated.

  4. All I need is within me right now.

  5. I am doing my best every day.

  6. I am grateful for every day.

  7. I am in control of my life.

Now that you have all the information, what are you waiting for? We hope you are now excited, equipped, and ready to start experimenting with affirmations.

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Amanda Soares
Amanda Soares
Mar 02, 2022

I love this. I have been doing affirmations on and off but this information is so useful.

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