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3 Ways to Activate your Creative Feminine Energy

One of the most prominent characteristics of feminine energy is creativity.

Indulging in creative activities is an effortless way to activate your feminine energy. Play, spontaneity, and expression help us go with the flow and move away from worry and overthinking that can rob us of joy.

1) Draw or paint!

When was the last time you drew or painted something? Most of us stop doing it after we finish school. Our busy adult lives often move us away from play. You don't need much to start here. Just take a pencil or any colored pen/paint and just get started. Doodle a bit and see where it takes you. Remember, you don't need to be good at it to enjoy it.

2) Try something new!

Did you like rollerblading when you were a kid? Or did you always want to try bouldering or acro yoga? Now is the time! Just book a class today and try! Bring more spontaneity and color into your life.

3) Dance your Heart out!

Dancing and any type of movement help us to release tension and get rid of negative energy. You can do this easily at home. Turn on your favorite songs and start dancing like no one is watching!

You are in the driver's seat of our life. You have a choice, and you decide how much more colorful you make your day-to-day life.

Let's be playful and have our feminine energies radiate!

To become more playful and balanced, join us at one of our upcoming 4 Day Bond with Your Feminine Energy retreats.

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